Women and Youths empowerment

We strongly believe in the gender equality and the equitable distribution of resources and opportunities. As a women-founded and led organization we castigate the idea of treating women as second hand beings! We believe that women should enjoy opportunities and be supported to better their lives for the betterment of their communities and their household. Women and the youth are mother and future of any nation, respectively.

KIWOCEDU carries out series of women empowerment programmes such as supporting Women Self Help Schemes, skill development and women emancipation initiatives and actions. In all programme areas, KIWOCEDU engages women in planning, implementation and Evaluation. Our resolve to groom self-reliant women and youngsters remains strong and steady fast


KIWOCED’s Director for Resources Mobilization and M&E Mr. Twinomugisha Edward Bills (Extreme left) on the youths’ Mentorship Programme in Makerere University. KIWOCEDU supports and strongly advocates for women and youths empowerment.

We train women and the youth and give them self-help skills to build their capacity to better their lives and their families rather than be dependent. Women and youths are encouraged, trained and supported to confront personal and real life challenges such as social exclusion/stigma, unemployment, Gender Based Violence (GBV) and endemic poverty.
We also believe that the use must take leadership of decisions and programs that define their future. Our philosophy is that a better begins today! Therefore deliberate interventions must be dully undertaken to create a better world for the future generation



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