Sustainable Livelihood Promotion

Promoting the wellbeing of women is one of the defining pillars of KIWOCEDU. It is a core foundation for which women of Kigezi formed KIWOCEDU. We believe that empowered womenfolk make an empowered community, and indeed an empowered state! Our key focus is to ensure that Women needs are met through such interventions as food security interventions, household income security promotion and sustainable food security


A woman displays her indoor mushroom growing business enterprise. KIWOCEDU trains communities in eco-friendly business innovations to improve their livelihood.

With our partners, we have initiated and run several projects to improve the wellbeing of women. We have implemented grass root and regional projects target the poor rural around Echuya Forest Landscape and the entire Kigezi region.

By promoting sustainable agriculture in areas of Bufundi and Kashasha, women have not only improved on food security but have improved their incomes through agribusiness enterprises. 

We have also promoted and supported environmentally friendly handcraft, artisanship and innovations for the local impoverished men and women of Kacerere and Karengyere so as to improve on the quantity and quality of their production and to boost their income. 

KIWOCEDU have initiated and supported community, village and group credit saving schemes. Our mission is to enhance and nurture a saving and investment culture among communities which will guarantee sustainable livelihood.


Passion fruit growing in one of KIWOCEDU community projects. KIWOCEDU strongly supports sustainable agribusiness enterprises for livelihood improvement.



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