Social inclusion for Vulnerable Pygmies (Batwa)

The Pygmies are one of the most vulnerable and socially excluded communities in the World. Their vulnerability is exacerbated by acute lack of basic needs of life as the majority of them have neither land nor housing for accommodation. Having been evicted from the Echuya forests, which hitherto were their natural habitat, most of the Batwa suffer from endemic hunger and destitution and survive as squatters on other people land


Pygmy woman leader explaining their role in conservation of bamboos during men for women out reach meeting in Karengyere – KIWOCEDU/CORB project

KIWOCEDU has been sensitizing Batwa Adjacent Communities to support and include them in communal decision making processes and to reduce social stigma against them.

Through most of project activity programming for communities among Batwa Adjacent Communities, we have encouraged the Batwa to come up and participate as projects direct beneficiaries. We have lobbied for their full integration among the communities and have designed customized programmes for the Batwa so as to improve their livelihoods



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