Orphans and other Vulnerable Children

We are committed to supporting and empowering vulnerable Children such as the Street kids, Orphans, Abandoned and Kids who are victims of domestic violence to live a meaningful life. We provide the children with Psychosocial Support and connect them to Family and Social and Security networks such as Children’s home and the Child Protection Union Department of Uganda Police. 


Angelica an elderly woman from Ikamiro KIWOCEDU Project with her orphaned children. Abject poverty in many households in Uganda is responsible for increased vulnerability of Children, orphans and the elderly.

The children are our investment…our future. We believe every child deserves all the care they can get and that each child should live up to their God given potentials. With the invaluable support and funding from stakeholders and development partners, we are very happy when we put a smile on the faces of the little ones. 



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