Nature Conservation and Environment Protection

KIWOCEDU Executive Director KIWOCEDU addressing School kids on how to maximize their academic potential.

Nature Conservation is at the forefront of KIWOCEDU programming. We believe that women have a significant stake in Nature Conservation and Environment Protection. KIWOCEDU therefore strongly advocates for gender mainstreaming in the decision making processes and actions related to biodiversity and environmental health. Reducing global warming is a fight that can only be won with the full inclusion of women.

KIWOCEDU has trained local communities in environmentally friendly agriculture and agribusiness enterprise development in project communities around Echuya Central Forest reserve. We have implemented local projects that seek to conserve natural resources such as forests, wetlands, lakes and rivers in Kigezi.

We have supported communities to restore endangered tree species such as the indigenous bamboos in Echuya Forest and among the surrounding areas. We intend to embark on massive campaign for the reforestation of the forest degraded areas of Echuya, Kerere and among the neighbourhood communities and sensitize and advocate for the protection of the wetlands in Kangondo and Kitunga in Rukiga district.



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