KIWOCEDU projects being implemented in a hard to reach remote communities around Echuya forest landscape in south western Uganda   

bamboo women

While many NGOS have failed to work in remote areas including those of batwa communities due to inaccessibility as a result of poor roads, telephone and internet network. The terrain of the Project areas for KIWOCEDU is hilly and steep. Land degradation during rainy seasons result in mudslides arising from poor land planning and management which close off the roads during rainy seasons. The roads are very dusty during dry season and almost impassable during the rainy seasons, and yet the CBO can’t afford strong cars making delivery of services and follow up very challenging. Its takes passion, resilience and commitment to work in these communities

Educating about the importance of bamboo restoration and domestication to the community

Sensitisation the satekholders during CORB project Inception meeting

Bamboo before

Despite the operational challenges, KIWOCEDU has emerged to be the first CBO to venture where others consider hard to reach and engaging in a conservation program the first of its kind in Echuya forest. NFA is very grateful that it has got partner whose intervention will greatly contribute to their strategic plans this however has not deterred Lorna the team leader and her passionate and resilient team to stands the odds of Rushayo and Karengyere communities to kick start Corb project.

The year 2018, KIWOCEDU secured a grant to implement a project on bamboo restoration and liberation in Echuya forest central reserve located in eastern afromontane Hot spot (in south Western Uganda) funded by CEPF through Birdlife International.



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