30 hectares of colonized bamboos habitat in Rwamahano Karengyere were liberated from invasive species which has resulted into bamboo regeneration of the previously depleted areas as a result of illegal harvesting. 

bamboo women

Increase in bamboo vegetation cover of the liberated areas .Bamboo habitats after liberation .The area previously characterized by scattered bamboos sis now full of young bamboos after the onset of the march may shooting .Below are the Photos showing appearance of area that was restored with 1670 bamboo rhizomes

Training in value addition and wise use of bamboos

60 Bamboo users were trained in bamboo wise use of and value addition this training focused on empowering bamboo baskets makers to use mature bamboos for making bamboos based products as opposed to traditional baskets that require young bamboo (Ebitokwa). This particular training stressed taught participants bamboo splitting technique that uses less bamboo materials to produce more products as opposed to the tradition way that creates a lot of waste.


100 people were trained in sustainable management and better bamboo harvesting practices. The aim of this training was to reduce indiscriminate bamboo harvesting which has largely contributed to exhaustion of bamboo in Echuya central forest reserve

  1. Women - We aim at women empowerment where we raise the status of women through education, awareness creation, literacy equipment and training. Our women empowerment schemes aim at equipping and allowing women to make life-determining decisions through the different problems in society
  2. People with disabilities - We empower disbaled categories to create a better society for them: People with intellectual disabilities also suffer from discrimination on a daily basis.we ai at empowering people with disabilities to make them have hope and enjoy the fruits of life
  3. Indigenous people (batwa-pygmies in Uganda) - Batwa generally are located in areas of- Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.The Batwa have consistently been displaced from their land, leaving most homeless and vulnerable to climate change conditions.KIWOCEDU works to empower them to have a better status of living
  4.   Youths-Our efforts also aim to alleviate poverty and improve the social and economic wellbeing of youths through youth volunteerism and social innovation,trainings and many more



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