CORB Project

bamboo women

CORB project is encouraging sustainable harvesting and utilization of the few available privately owned bamboos. Communities are taught how to harvest mature bamboos to encourage bamboos regeneration and minimize their perpetual destruction.
Communities are also encouraged to grow more bamboos in their communities to meet their various local needs. CORB project believes that sustainable management and bamboo outgrowing is a reliable way of sustainable supply of the much needed bamboos to Echuya Adjacent Communities.  


Communities coexisting with nature

Echuya Adjacent Communities are mutually coexisting with the forest. It is their reliable source of medicine, water and firewood among others. But most of all, the forest ensures an ecofriendly atmosphere of reliable rainfall for agribusiness and cool climate.  
Besides, communities benefit from Non Timber Forest Products (NFPs) such as wild fruits, poles, fodder, honey, firewood, vegetables, and medicinal plants.
Non Timber Forest Products from the forest buffer food security for Echuya Forest Adjacent Communities especially the Batwa who barely have gardens. They also contribute to household income for many.

In return these communities participate in conservation activities such as clearing of invasive plants and as formidable monitoring force to safeguard the forest against destructive enchroachment. 


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