KIWOCEDU – The first indigenous CBO to engage directly in BAMBO Restoration and Conservation in Echuya forest 

KIWOCEDU is a women founded organisation working in hard to reach areas around Echuya central reserve landscape. With funding from critical ecosystems fund (CEPF) through Birdlife international, KIWOCEDU is currently implementing bamboo restoration project in Echuya forest central reserve called CORB project ( Community Restoration of Bamboos in Echuya forest).

CEPF grants has made KIWOCEDU turn out to be the first civil society organisation to make women directly engage in bamboo restoration in Echuya forest. With this grant KIWOCEDU has proved to the wider community that women too can make significant contribution in biodiversity conservation initiatives. KIWOCEDU has steered the community in action and broken the misconception that conservation is a men’s thing.

Women in Bamboo Planting! While KIWOCEDU is founded and led by women, it uses the Men for women approach to conservation an approach that promotes men support for women involvement in conservation and livelihood initiatives. As a result, duties of CORB project were segregated according to gender.

Men support Women! Men recognise that females are weak and took on the more masculine activities of the project. According to plan Men participated in uprooting bamboo rhizomes, loading and offloading and clearing of the areas to be restored. Women participated in carrying the uprooted bamboo rhizomes and planting. They will also do sport clearing during bamboo maintenance while the men do bamboo liberation for the colonised bamboo. Aside see women and men in action in making CORB project happen.

Planting Bamboo



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