Bamboo Restoration made possible thought Strategic Partnerships and Role Sharing

bamboo women

The process of bamboo liberation is real hard work. It comprises of sub activities such as site clearing, uprooting of bamboo rhizomes, carrying rhizomes to Lorry collection points, loading on truck , offloading, carrying to planting site and finally planning. This is very laborious process which requires combined efforts of all stakeholders synergies
With this in mind, KIWOCEDU embarked in buiding strategic partnerships with National Forest Authority(NFA), MECDA , BECLA on how passible this could be achieved. BECLA agreed to participate in site clearing at Rushayo bamboo liberation site in Bufundi sub county, offloading, guarding offloaded rhizomes, carrying the rhizomes, planting and protecting the planted area against illegal over grazing to give room for bamboo shoots to grow up .   

Clearing for bamboo rhizoms

Rushayo site before land clearing

Bamboo before

MECDA on the other hand agreed to participate in uprooting, collecting rhizomes from the forest to the collection area, guarding and loading

NFA identified bamboos plots in Karengeyere Muko sub county with many young bamboos suitable for uprooting and planting, they also agreed to training up rootters on how to do it , to supervise the uprooting and planting process and gave KIWOCEDU permission to up root as many rhizomes needed as possible.

Photo showing situation before 


Photo showing situation after

KIWOCEDU identified strategic partners, established a good working relationship and funded the process. The key outcome of this process is that bamboos restoration was completed on on 1.5 hectares of land at Rushayu with a total of 1667 rhizomes planted. a joint maintenance plan was developed to ensure the project registers above 90% success. Watch this space for conscious updates on the progress of the restored area.



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