KIWOCEDU Supports Rubanda District COVID-19 taskforce and hundreds of households with Emergency Relief Items

With financial support from AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF),KIWOCEDU supplied 200 households with sanitation and hygiene equipments to the vulnerable communities it works with that are living at the border between Uganda and Rwanda.


Free AIDS/HIV testing  and counselling including food relief for indigenous group (pygmies) amidst COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda

The pygmies (Batwa) is a marginalized ethnic minority group in Uganda
As a grass root-based organization, KIWOCEDU through its corporate social responsibility carried out outreach free HIV voluntary and counselling services and testing for non-communicable diseases for the Batwa. ReadMore


Testing a Mutwa Mother for HIV/AIDS

KIWOCEDU has ensured inclusion of women in HIV and AIDS benefits 


Some of the Batwa waiting for VCT services and food relief support

Men were also sensitized on how to live safely and faithfull to their wives


KIWOCEDU Team Leader

Helping the mobile health team in recording of HIV test results


KIWOCEDU the first CBO to venture where others consider hard to reach and engaging in a conservation program the first of its kind in Echuya forest

KIWOCEDU projects are being implemented in hard to reach remote communities around Echuya forest landscape in  Uganda where many NGOS have failed to work due to inaccessibility as a result of poor roads, telephone and internet network. Learn more...

women at forefront

bringing women at the forefront of natural resource conservation

That men are always side-lining women is one of the controversial social debates. It is the hard truth that women are one of the categories of people that suffer from social exclusion.In the area of conservation the role of conservation was merely a preserve for men. Being a patriarchal community the Batwa rarely included women voices in community meetings and decision making Learn more...

Nice bamboo

Building Local Capacity For Successful Bambo Restoration

One of the key out comes for the joint planning meeting held at Karengyere in Kabale district was to build the capacity of KIWOCEDU team and key stakeholders by National forest authroity in bambo planting  as led by Herbert, the National Forestry Authority supervisor. Learn more...

Why join and support KIWOCEDU?

Join us to make something happen for a good cause


Our focus in Uganda is on  women  gender which is critical for inclusion in decision making:

We believe that greater inclusion of women in decision-making processes will promote gender equality if complementary efforts are aimed at relieving them from their other gender-defined responsibilities


We work to empower the marginalized local communities such as the Batwa and their key landscapes which are key biodiversity areas with rich ecosystems

Our empowerment of Marginalized Groups has positively impacted on the lives of these groups through learning experience. The target groups include women, youth, children and other vulnerable Populations                                 

KIWOCEDU Making Conservation Revolution with Rural women in Echuya Forest,Uganda

Training in bamboo domestication-"Men for women meeting on conservation"

Pygmies Women spearheading Echuya conservation

Echuya Central Forest Authority the traditional habitat for the Batwa, also known as the Pygmies, is an invaluable regalia for the Batwa traditions and survival. It was also an incredible natural asset for all other adjacent communities like the Bakiga and the Bafumbira, owing to the numerous timber and non-timber forest products benefits they hitherto obtained from the forest
KIWOCEDU has, however, carried out massive sanitization among the communities to avert the situation. Women have been brought at the forefront of this initiative. The Batwa women, who, until just recently seemed to have no concern for the forest have been gradually brought on board, thanks to the CORBS project. They are vigorously participating in the local communities’ conservation initiatives just like men. There seems to be a common realization that the forest is indeed endangered especially the bamboos. The sustained mobilizations and sensitizations KIWOCEDU is doing seem to be drawing the interest of Batwa women to participate in saving Echuya and its precious bamboos

batwa women
Batwa community

Empowering batwa communities

Batwa seated in one of the Men for Women meetings organised by KIWOCEDU to promote gender mainstreaming in conservation initiatives around Echuya forest.

meeting of communities

Beneficiary to marginalized communities

the frst Mutwa graduate explaining batwa indeginous knowlrdge and their possible role in CORB projet duing CORB pojct action planning meeting

planting bamboo

Bamboo restoration

Indegenous people/ pygimies in echuya forest) partcipating in carrying bamboo rhizomes for bamboo restoraton Below habyari their leader explaining te role the batwa will pay in bamboo libertaion and restoration process


Demystifying gender stereotypes through Men for Women meetings



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